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Barcode Printers

What type of label or tag will the printer need to print?
Please explain the type of label or tag you need
What environment will the printer be in?
Please explain the printer's environment
What is the estimated volume of labels that will be printed weekly?
What port do you prefer?
Additional Details

Custom Labels

What are you applying the labels to?
Will the labels be blank or have colors printed?
Will the label require additional thermal printing (for an address, barcode, unique lot number, expiration date, sequential number)?
Will the label be used for an indoor application or an outdoor application?
How many labels do you need to order?
What is the estimated annual usage for this label?
Describe the application or use for this label. i.e. marketing label, Serial Plate Label, Shipping Label, etc.
Additional Details

Stock Labels

Are you currently using this stock label?
Has this stock label been problematic? i.e. adhesive not lasting, tearing easily
What is the size of the label?
Will the label have a flood color?
Where will the label be used?
Will you print using a thermal barcode printer?
Do you need permanent or removable adhesive?
How many labels will you buy at one time?
What is the estimated annual usage?
Additional Details


What type of printer will you use for the thermal ribbon?
Please name the type of printer you will use
What is the width of label you need to print?
What type of material will you be printing?
Are there any agency compliance requirements? i.e. UL, RoHS & REACH, CSA, BS5609, GHS, FDA direct food
What is your annual ribbon usage?
Where do you purchase your ribbon?
Additional Details

Rack Labels

How many characters will be on the sign?
Do you have a spreadsheet with the number of signs you need?
Will you need more than one color (Black) to print?
What is the width of the rack?
Will you need to scan more than 18" to 24" inches away?
Will the labels be applied to a refrigerator or freezer warehouse?
Will the labels need to be repositioned or moved from time to time?
Additional Details


How many characters will be on the sign?
Do you have existing signs we can measure and examine?
Do you have a spreadsheet with the number of signs you need?
Will you need more than one color (Black) to print?
From the floor, how high will the sign be positioned?
Will there be a barcode on the sign?
Do we need to print on both sides of the sign?
How do you want to affix the sign to the rack?
Additional Details


Do you currently use scanners?
What make and model of scanner do you use?
Are you using the scanner at close range (6 to 24") or long range (up to 30')?
Will you be scanning 2D barcodes with this scanner?
What form factor do you need?
Will the scanner be used with a smartphone or tablet?
Do you want to test some equipment before you buy?
Additional Details

Mobile Computers

Where will you use the mobile devices?
Do you have a tracking system now?
What tracking system do you use?
Do you want to tie these mobile devices to your server?
Will your IT department install the equipment?
Do you need wireless equipment installed at your plant?
Additional Details

Auto Applicators

Do you currently have an auto applicator system?
Is it a label applicator or "thermal printer" label applicator?
Are you looking to replace the existing system or repair?
How many labels do you want to apply in a minute?
What is the size of the label you are applying?
What is the estimated annual usage of the label you are using for this application?
What are you applying the label to? i.e. Box, Bottle, etc.
Is the surface flat or curved?
Can you send several labels and items that you are applying the label to?
Additional Details


Have you used a label format software in the past?
Which one have you used?
Will you use a database when printing the labels?
How many people in your facility will be printing labels?
Will you want a network version or a single license version?
Additional Details

Cage Cards

Do you currently use cage cards?
Do you need cage cards in Rolls or Fanfold?
Do you have multiple perforated designs?
Do you need Paper Card Stock or Waterproof Stock?
Do the cards have notched or black bar sensing?
We offer a wide variety of cage card colors. Do you have specific colors you will need?
What colors do you need your cage cards to be?
What size(s) will you be using? Check all that apply.
What is the estimated amount of labels/cage cards that will be printed weekly?
Additional Details


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"Help Us, Help You"

Idezi offers several products, from custom labels to mobile scanners to software. We have three to six questions for each category that will help us find the best solution for you. Feel free to answer and email the questions or call if you would rather talk with a live person @ 615-377-8849

The Idezi Choice – Value

Have you ever purchased something on the web and regretted it?  There are many companies that offer low pricing, but don’t know what they are quoting or why they are quoting that item.

Idezi has been and always will be competitively priced, but our value proposition is to:

  • Understand your application

  • Offer free advice and consulting

  • Provide new equipment to evaluate at no cost

Ultimately, we always want to find the right product for the right application at the right price.  This is something that our competition rarely does and this is what sets Idezi apart from the rest.  Our customers understand the importance of a valued vendor partner that they can work with for a complete solution.  This total cost of ownership approach has set us apart since 2001 and is the reason we have been able to grow and develop year after year.

Developing simple solutions to complex needs; it’s what sets us apart and is the DNA of Idezi.

Servicing Nashville - Brentwood, TN and beyond!

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phone: 615-377-8849
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